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Вакансия  ID16034
Обновлена: 16.11.2015
Local purchasing manager
Простор, ООО
(Прямой работодатель)
Основная информация
Поф. область Закупки, снабжение
Предлагаемая зарплата По договоренности
График работы Полный день
Минимальный опыт работы 3 года
Город Москва
Телефон 79854231912
Описание работы
• Experience in food retail more than 2 years in the similar position (with local, farmers products).
• Knowledge of standard forms of sale contracts.
• Knowledge of assortment, classification, characteristics and purpose of product groups.
• Knowledge of pricing, price strategy and tactics.
• Communication and negotiation skills, warehouse and logistics management.
• English – is an advantage.
• Searches, maintains and manages relationships with local product suppliers and farmers.
• Organization and participation in negotiations with Russian farmers and producers, agree on conditions and terms, rely to company interests.
• Manages a cost-effective supply chain and constantly looks for ways to reduce expenses and improve processes, while noting and correcting problems with any step of the supply chain process.
• Timely preparation and orders placement, orders and delivery results analysis.
• Identifies local products shipment conditions, products acceptance, and deployment and recovery coordination.
• Monitors obligations performance to local suppliers and contractors.
• Organizes claims work with suppliers and local producers.
• Maintains and updates local products assortment matrix.
• Inventory levels planning required for continuous production in accordance with storage costs and inventory maintenance.
• Controls sales for each local category, in case of sales deterioration cooperates with operation and marketing departments to arrange the active sales and lower cash balances.
• Develops action plans to promote local products, in cooperation with operation and marketing departments.
• Develops weekly payment schedules, in cooperation with financial department.
• Daily local products market monitoring to identify new products, based on Eataly concept.
• ABC/XYZ suppliers and product analysis.
• Provide departments and employees with all necessary information about local products.
• Consulate sellers and customers about local product assortment.
• Develop reporting forms and methods.
• Registration of the Labour Code, paid annual leave.
• Shopping center «Kievskiy» (Moscow, m. Kievskaya).
• Schedule 5/2 from 10:00 to 19:00. Irregular schedule is possible.
• Salary based on interview results.
Контактная информация
Егорычева Евгения