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Вакансия  ID14851
Обновлена: 16.11.2015
Director of Marketing
Простор, ООО
(Прямой работодатель)
Основная информация
Поф. область Маркетинг, реклама, PR
Предлагаемая зарплата По договоренности
График работы Полный день
Минимальный опыт работы 3 года
Город Москва
Телефон 79854231912
Описание работы
• Not less than 3 years of Marketing experience.
• Knowledge of food industry and current marketing and advertising trends.
• Advanced computer, graphic design and website programming knowledge.
• Strong professional writing ability.
• Ability to communicate with a variety of industry leaders and peers and a strong sense of multi-tasking and organization.
• Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.
• Fluent English.
• Responsible for establishing Eataly’s brand identity in the marketplace with the goal of making Eataly more recognizable to customers and the industry.
• Develops and maintains the Brand policy of the Company.
• Develops and implements strategic and annual marketing plans.
• Conducts regularly relevant market research, coordinates and oversees this activity. Monitor trends and competitors’ activities.
• Continuously analyses customer database, makes review of new offers and researches opportunities to attract new customers.
• Maintains assortment and pricing policy of the Company. Makes analysis of own and competitors’ pricing and assortment.
• Makes analysis and forecasts of the Company sales, plans and implements activities aimed to promote sales of the Company.
• Manages all the promo activities in compliance with the Company policy. Analyses and evaluates the effectiveness of promotional activities.
• Works to creatively promote a positive public image and Eataly’s products and services.
• Furnishes all collateral in-store events and VIP appearances.
• Develops, implements and monitors systems and procedures necessary to the smooth operation of the marketing function as well as to optimization of business processes of the Company.
• Keeps informed of the developments in the fields of marketing, communications and public relations and use this information to help Eataly operate with initiative and innovation.
• Provides regular reports to the Managing Director.
• Helps to make sure that the Eataly’s philosophy, mission and vision are pertinent and practiced throughout the organization.
• Registration of the Labour Code, paid annual leave.
• Shopping center «Kievskiy» (Moscow, m. Kievskaya).
• Schedule 5/2 from 10:00 to 19:00. Irregular schedule is possible.
• Salary based on interview results.
Контактная информация
Кузина Маргарита
+7 (495) 668-06-79