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Резюме  ID1529
Обновлено: 22.05.2015
Customer Service
Шавва Тарик
Контактная информация  
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Критерии поиска работы
Проф. область Промышленность, производство, сельское хозяйство
Ожидаемая зарплата По договоренности
График работы Любой
Город поиска работы Москва
О себе
Пол Мужской
Дата рождения 04.07.1973
Город проживания Газа
Опыт работы
Общий опыт 5 лет и более
Места работы:
Организация: Commercial Bank of Dubai
Должность: Customer Service, Operation Officer & Chief Teller
Период работы: 06.1999 по 09.2010
Описание трудового
Position: Card Center Operation Officer (Mar.2006 – Sept. 2010):
Job Description:
; Checking cards applications to insure all forms and documents completed as per bank policy.
; Insure all cards are issued as per bank quality standards before delivery.
; Dispatch and track new/renewal cards.
; Person in charge for all courier issues.
; Handling customers and branches instructions & inquiries.
; Prepare monthly operation reports.

Position: Operation Officer & Head Teller (Nov. 2004 – Feb.2006):
Job Description:
; Handling customer services duties such as accounts maintenance, balance inquiries and issuing statements, card requests, cheque book requests.
; Process accounts services such as account to account transactions, account balances, salaries posting and customer enquiries.
; Issuing Demand Draft, Manager Cheque and process Telex Transfers.
; Verify normal /special clearing cheques, inward & outward.
; Returned cheques.
; Follow up branch maintenance works.
; Ensure that periodic reports and reconciliations are completed in a timely and accurate manner to safeguard against possible frauds or losses.

Position: Head Teller (June 1999 – Oct. 2004):
Job Description:
; Undertake all transactions to exceed customer service and control standards.
; Responsible for encashing cheques.
; Accepting cash deposit, loan and credit cards payments.
; ATM replenishment and reconciliation as custodian staff.
; Petty cash custodian.
; Handle day to day cash transaction involving receivables and payables.
; Review of tellers’ daily transaction cash, cheques & remittances.
; Cross selling and promote bank products such as Car Loan, and Credit Cards.
; Address customer problems and complaints to achieve satisfactory resolutions referring issues beyond role limits.
; Daily following established rules, procedures and regulations and checks work for completeness and accuracy.
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